A Better Book Editor

If you’re about to self-publish your book or e-book, or send your manuscript to agents, you want your work to be flawless. I can make your manuscript the book it deserves to be, with excellent organization, and proper sentence structure. I’ll perfect your word usage, so that common mistakes (like misusing “that” and “which,” or “complement” and “compliment”) don’t appear in your writing. I can also guide you through the post-writing process, and will work closely with everything from organizing your book proposal through formatting your e-book, so the end result is as good as the best titles on the market.

I have an English degree from Boston College, a law degree from Cornell University, and I’m a member of the New York State bar. I also have twenty years’ experience as a book editor. As a freelance editor working with

self-publishers, I have significant experience with new authors, guiding them through the process of re-writing, attending to details, and enhancing the quality of their books on their journey from manuscript to bookshelf or



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Rebecca Longley

Amanda Pisani

Two decades of book editing and marketing experience, including:

  1. -Three years as a freelancer editing fiction and nonfiction titles for  Amazon/CreateSpace, iUniverse, and independent authors, with an emphasis on self-help and spiritual books.

  1. -Five years as the Editor in Chief at the United Centers for Spiritual Living, serving as the lead editor on Science of Mind magazine and the organization’s book publishing program.

  1. -Four years at major trade publishers Macmillan and Renaissance Media, with a focus on how-to and self-empowerment titles.

  1. -Seven years at Matthew Bender, a legal publisher of practice materials for lawyers.