I provide two levels of editorial service:

1.    Line Editing, 0.025 per word.

Includes ensuring use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout, eliminating repetition, providing consistency in formatting, tenses, references, names, and word usage, and any similar details that need attention.

2.    Content Editing, 0.030 per word.

In addition to those services set forth above, content editing includes recasting sentences as needed and gentle reorganization (such as moving a paragraph from one place to the next), suggestions regarding the book’s organization, missing and/or unnecessary text, improvement of the text’s logic and progression, and any further work required by the specific project.

Both services include thorough editorial attention to front matter (such as acknowledgments, contents, and introductions) and end matter (such as appendices and author bios), so your finished product is polished, complete, and professional. I use the Track Changes function in Word, so that you can see each alteration and choose to accept or reject it, and so that you can see comments alongside the relevant portion of your text. Unlike the editorial staff at most self-publishers and editorial service agencies, I work with you one-on-one, and am available for personal consultations. And of course, I’ll tailor an editorial action plan to meet your specific desires, and the needs of your book. 

When I’m finished, you’ll have a manuscript ready to be formatted as a printed book or e-book.

Additional Services

In addition to books, I edit all sorts of written material. If you’ve written an article, screenplay, website, newsletter, poetry, or any type of document or communication, I can ensure that your project will be letter-perfect. I also provide book proposal services, and will help you organize and write a thorough, properly formatted, and compelling book proposal and query letter to send to potential agents and publishers. These services are priced at $50 per hour. Unusual or recurring projects may warrant a different, negotiated rate—e-mail me with any questions about your project!

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